Are you in the money or in the brand? - Being in the money as a Real Estate Agent means a consistent focus on the sales opportunity rather than focusing at length on the branding opportunity. Most Sellers have to trust the agent first and may then acknowledge the company brand affiliation. The brand lends a helping hand to the agent in times of difficulty but it’s our duty as […]
Agent’s choice of Commission split model – Revenue or Profit Share? - Commission split models may vary from agency to agency however most agencies choose the Revenue Share model. We shall for the purposes of this article focus on some of the reasons why Profit share models exist and work. Profit share models, focus on expense item deductions, such as the following: Business cards, boards Royalty fees […]
Get out of the Estate Agent income trap - Agents should often ask themselves whether their activity in the field is yielding the desired remuneration. In effect 100% commission of R0 is (yes, zero). To simplify this for an agent, I have plotted below a simple function showing time between payments from property transfers. Real Estate Agents start out with high transitory income (as […]
Characteristics of a successful Estate Agent - Most home buyers and sellers when searching for or selling their houses have limited, once in a lifetime contact with agents. Here are the top characteristics of agents: Understanding of the local environment. Someone new in town or who has never sold a home in a specific area, in many ways, could be treated as a beginner. Sellers have […]
Real Estate 2.0 - Now that the social age has dawned upon us, the hype of activity and noise of Facebook seems to drown the benefits of the good old Real Estate ‘Farmbook’ (for those younger 20+  Real Estate agents, the Farmbook was a meticulous DNA makeup of customers that was mapped over years of study of different clients, […]
Do you fit into Real Estate culture? - Anyone can learn skills or the WHAT of your company—it’s much harder to teach culture. Deeply held values determine the way people view work, and it’s the primary source of their motivation during the day. The general ways to achieve successful work outcomes in Real Estate are: Quick learning skills and ability to fail fast (failing fast […]
Is your commission the main influencer for your financial success? - Agents applying for Real Estate jobs can quickly get sucked into the appeal of getting a higher company commission. The allure of such temptation breaks the facts of commercial trade – getting something (commission in excess of the industry average) for nothing. Unfortunately this cliché rarely works in the real world and is not sustainable […]
Real Estate jobs in Gauteng - Real Estate Jobs are plentiful in South Africa and though the entryinto the Real Estate jobs sector may be easy, sticking to your Real Estate job and being sustainable in the Real Estate jobs sector requires the stamina of a few elephants.  The personality types that would match a real estate job are good communication skills, […]
Understand your personality to better deal with people - Why is it important to understand personality? From a life perspective the better we understand ourselves and other people, the more successful we’ll be in dealing with people and situations; and getting it right. Psychology may be an academic discipline, but understanding personality it is a much more practical subject, it is about using psychology […]
Real Estate is a full time job – Do what you love - During my lunch yesterday with the team, I met a wise entrepreneur manning the till of a takeaway – I asked why she is at the till daily till late hours, working her job at least 18 hours, energetically and enthusiastically serving clients day in and day out. Her answer was simple, “I love what I do and […]