• Are you in the money or in the brand?

    Being in the money as a Real Estate Agent means a consistent focus on the sales opportunity rather than focusing at length on the branding opportunity. Most Sellers have to trust the agent first and may then acknowledge the company brand affiliation. The brand lends a helping hand to the agent in times of difficulty but it’s our duty as agents to drive the supportive customer service needed for each sale. The sales measure is often missing by the agent and causes a gradual movement of the estate agent’s earnings toward a predictable black hole; predictable, because often there was no revenue plan at the inception of marketing.

    To assist we have included an Income tracking spreadsheet that will help track how your personal ‘brand’ is doing on a monthly basis. This tracking should be done for every property converted to a sale. Tracking your income has the following benefits for you as an agent:

    • Compels you to widen the top end of your funnel if you are slacking
    • Ensure that you are you growing your income in a sustainable way
    • You understand the risks of potential revenue failure in advance
    • Ensure that your expectations for gross and net commission payments made to you matches the reality and conforms to your monthly income support adequacy targets
    • Plan effectively to ensure you reach minimum viable sales goals



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