• Characteristics of a successful Estate Agent

    Most home buyers and sellers when searching for or selling their houses have limited, once in a lifetime contact with agents. Here are the top characteristics of agents:

    Understanding of the local environment.

    Someone new in town or who has never sold a home in a specific area, in many ways, could be treated as a beginner. Sellers have a right to pick a winner so start things out right by making sure you’re the best man, or woman, for the job. It is therefore important for you to understand your local environment before canvassing.


    Organized with attention to detail

    A real estate agent that is organized and likes to work with attention to detail is the one that is most likely to sell a home. This is especially true in a hard-to-sell market. Excellent agents would recommend small changes the Seller can make to improve the sale-ability of their home.

    Connections and representation

    Top agents are able to network well and have a defined current buyer list



    Sellers expect agents to be tenacious and hard working.


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