• Real Estate 2.0

    Now that the social age has dawned upon us, the hype of activity and noise of Facebook seems to drown the benefits of the good old Real Estate ‘Farmbook’ (for those younger 20+  Real Estate agents, the Farmbook was a meticulous DNA makeup of customers that was mapped over years of study of different clients, like the process of planting a seed and waiting years to reap the benefit of a fine harvest. This was the physical human touch that now supposedly could be replaced with an artificially intelligent sexy sounding SIRI). The up-beat mention of Real Estate 2.0 since 1999 has failed and continues to fail due to the lack of an important fundamental – trade in any situation demands trust be built first. There are shorter unsustainable ways of building trust with clients but this entails breaking the rules of governance in organisations. Breaking Governance processes results in chaos, extinction of overweight tyrannosaurus rexes and inevitable failure of achieving any long term objectives.


    Real Estate 2.0 Reset behaves as follows:


    • The next market leaders in the Real Estate sector will be half breed technology companies
    • Fearless risk taking (and knowing it) creates a creative existence
    • Use of systems to help exploit our gray matter usage above 10% (Psychologists currently say that we only use up to 10% of our gray matter) – the next homo Naledi evolution
    • Real Estate agents empowered to work as fast as the super hero ‘Flash’
    • Systems developed to allow for simplifying ‘Big Data’ analysis help reduce business risk
    • Offline interactions becoming increasingly important. The emotional response will be brought back to life by new 2.0 websites that promote offline facebooks e.g. community meet ups, instead of the only online Facebooks.
    • Following institutionalised processes in organisations so that we can focus on more living naturally with sustainability e.g. flexible hours (not the 9 to 5 existence), work from home or anywhere, more playtime and the undefined mix integration of work and play
    • The value of unique practical IP (intellectual property) and knowledge becomes the next financial currency – this is evident from extreme IP wars between top technology players such as Apple, Samsung and Google
    • Who you know, evolves into, who you trust (The ‘Like’ transforms to ‘Trust’)
    • Increased regulation and compliance ensues due to increasingly chaotic ways of business conduct in society
    • Crowd funding to achieve leverage of resources and capital on an unprecedented global scale

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