• Do you fit into Real Estate culture?

    Anyone can learn skills or the WHAT of your company—it’s much harder to teach culture. Deeply held values determine the way people view work, and it’s the primary source of their motivation during the day. The general ways to achieve successful work outcomes in Real Estate are:

    • Quick learning skills and ability to fail fast (failing fast is just as important)
    • Good all rounder entrepreneurial capability e.g. Math, Legal, Finance – you are actually writing your own cheque in Real Estate
    • Persevere without fear of the unknown – Do you have the Risk gene?
    • A strong affinity to have social interaction (unfortunately this does not refer to the web but in person)


    Companies should clearly communicate their Real Estate culture, and give candidates or interns a chance to consider whether they will be able to succeed in your environment. You also attract the attention of those who are looking for that very culture. If you don’t fit into your company culture then consider either changing your habits or join another company that matches your cultural fit ambitions. The pie in the sky dream is to force the company or sector culture (Real Estate) to fit your ideal ways of thinking.


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