• Is your commission the main influencer for your financial success?

    Agents applying for Real Estate jobs can quickly get sucked into the appeal of getting a higher company commission. The allure of such temptation breaks the facts of commercial trade – getting something (commission in excess of the industry average) for nothing. Unfortunately this cliché rarely works in the real world and is not sustainable for the agent or the company; is it the responsibility of agent when seeking an opportunity to carefully understand the sustainability of a commercial proposition of acting as an agent, which is basically equivalent to starting your own business. Starting your own business comes with a personal financial investment; it is not free!

    Examples of FREE are:

    • how about 100% commission for you as the agent (or close enough) and company gets 0%.
    • All expenses paid trips
    • Desk job as 8 to 5 and little need to meet your clients away from your desk

    Common failures that are noticed amongst agents that we interview are the following:

    • Culture fit mismatch not support the needs of the agent
    • Forced to sell properties within boundaries and in desert conditions – you may find a cactus to squeeze out water today but how long will it be till you really find the oasis and without at least carrying a dowsing rod.
    • Constrained personal cashflow hindering performance even at higher commission levels – have you actively planned for the up and down sale cycles – are you emotionally resistant?
    • Lack of execution oriented training to raise the bar of average performing agents – Is your mentor an active high powered Sales leader in the industry?

    Poor sales performance is often revealed with chequered sales history instead of even sales delivery. This could be as a result of a culture fit mismatch that does not support needs of the agent.

    I have attached an excel spreadsheet link that shows how a lower commission earner surpasses the revenue of a poor performing higher commission agent by at least 350%:


    Please click here and download the excel analysis for your review – If this makes sense to you then why not join us?

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