• Real Estate is a full time job – Do what you love

    During my lunch yesterday with the team, I met a wise entrepreneur manning the till of a takeaway – I asked why she is at the till daily till late hours, working her job at least 18 hours, energetically and enthusiastically serving clients day in and day out. Her answer was simple, “I love what I do and enjoy working with people”.

    Real Estate is primarily a people’s business focusing on relationships and being in a relationship with clients and stakeholders is a full time job.

    Real Estate job seekers should clearly understand that the field of Real Estate is a full time job and the full time practice requirement is a pre-requisite requirement of the EAAB (the governing body) for estate agents.  Page 4 of the Intern logbook requires that the agent is  ‘not to engage in any business whatsoever’ other than that of being an agent.

    Doing this job on a part time basis is akin to going to part time Doctor for a check up or getting a part time lawyer to help you in your life affairs. Being in Real Estate gives you the flexibility to self manage, however this demands increased responsibility from the individual. Although there are no clock in/out cards, it is imperative that individuals that seriously want to embark on a Real Estate career, understand that the full time commitment is mandatory to help interns quickly build the knowledge and practice in the sector and to earn a profitable living doing so.

    Some of the ways to hold yourself accountable is to disclose the family your planned intentions of leaving the rat race and get their financial or emotional support, as reviewed in this article. So if you need to find something interesting, apply now by clicking here

    Inspiration for this article: Avi and Praveen




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