Who are we?

Real Estate Jobs was created by Showday Properties our mother company, this was done in an attempt to recruit only the finest talent in an industry where Real Estate isn’t given the attention it deserves. We aim to close this gap through Real Estate Jobs.

Our Culture

Our company is really about our staff, we know that without them we would not be where we are today. That’s why we take the time to meet and recruit the right candidates, who are smart entrepreneurs, out of the box thinkers. We maintain the start-up lifestyle, where open communication is vital to our success and ideas. We ensure our employees feel welcomed and comfortable.


We know the benefits of technology in today’s world, we have constantly challenged our thinking to ensure that we not only create the best systems but we implement them. We not only value technology but we understand that technology is our future and without it any business would be crippled, therefore we make sure our team receives the tools to perform optimally.

Why work for us?

Are you a risk taker and entrepreneur at heart, do you want to work independently with unlimited earning potential based on your performance? We not only provide, mentorship and guidance to our staff we train them weekly to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to perform their jobs.

Whats new?

Our team just loves us!

Read the reviews of some of our team members?

Showday Properties has been a great environment to work in. We do training weekly with coffee and breakfast occasionally, you are able to deal directly with top management and they offer the support structure I need to perform my job well.


I enjoy being with Showday Properties , I am able to work my own hours where and when I want as long as my targets are met. If I have any questions or concerns I know our management team have an open door policy, they make me feel comfortable which ensures I perform at my best.


Showday Properties is unlike any other company I worked at, always open to new ideas and willing to see it through. I am a millennial and I can assure you that technology has always been with me, I feel at home here knowing we use technology to plan and remain on top of our game daily!